Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey there :)

Yeah...I know. We forgot about the Bronze Bow discussion :/ But before I explain that, I need you to do me a favor.
It's nothing taxing. Fear not.

Simply comment on this post telling me honestly how often you check this blog. I just want to see something.

Please take a sec to do this for me. Many thanks!

Fare you well, fellow geeks.

Lady Arwen


  1. I check it every few weeks depending on how busy i am :)

  2. I haven't checked it much this summer because of my job but I probably will once school starts again.

  3. I check it quite often... at least once a week.

  4. I check it at least twice a week. Usually more. (excluding the past six weeks because I didn't have internet access).
    ~ Rosie Cotton

  5. Ummm quite honestly I check it whenever I remember it exists, which really isn't very often. At least once a month.

  6. ah hi guys sorry I haven't been on in so long I forgot my password but then I found it again so yeah here I am. I guess I don't really count then 'cause I don't get on much.

  7. Umm. I don't check it all that often, but I like the idea of more organization. I will make a valiant attempt to check it much more often once the school year starts.

  8. I don't know if this question is relevant any more, since you haven't posted in half a year anyway, but I checked out this blog once, let about ten comments, didn't have any of them answered, and didn't come back until today. ^.^
    I got the feeling that the authors only talked to the other contributors, so while I love the idea of this blog, I didn't think it worth my time if I couldn't participate in a real discussion.

    But it looks like you're not posting any more anyway...

    1. Hey Hannah- yeah, this sort of died, and we were just kids. I'm sorry you got left out. Now, we're all grown up and in college or have big kid jobs, which is sort of crazy. My sister just found this blog and reminded me about it, and now I sort of want to resurrect it... We'll see what happens. :) If you're still around and interested, maybe there will be good things to come!

    2. Wow, four years later you still came back to reply! That's cool. :)

      Yeah, I understand; I used to have a blog when I was a kid too. Growing up is awesome, but it does cut back on one's spare time significantly.

      Anyway, that'd be cool if you guys do resurrect it!

      Keep reading good books. :)