Saturday, August 14, 2010

Acting in Shakespeare

by Robert Cohen

This is a book about how to play Shakespeare. It is just fascinating. It covers so much from how to deal with the text (scansion, which is pivotal to reading and acting Shakespeare well, how to tell the story, why Shakespeare used the words he did, and more) to body language and what to do with your voice.

If you do not act Shakespeare or act at all, but you love Shakespeare, you will love this book. It is enthralling to find out all the things Shakespeare was thinking about as he wrote his works and how much actors have to think about it too.

If you are a Shakespeare player, you will really love this book. It is a terrific book to have on hand, as it has so many tips!

I read the "Revised and Expanded Edition." You can't get it at the library, but you can buy it on Amazon!

Recommended #3
Recommended #5 if you are a Shakespeare player!

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