Saturday, August 7, 2010

Re-construction and New Ideas

Hello all,

So, I'm thinking that DC needs an energy boost.

To start, I think everyone should suggest some books they would like to see us review on here. Not that we can do all and everything, but it's worth a shot to maybe gain more interest.

Second, I think we will have a new system where you will know what is coming up to be reviewed by me. Besides the scheduled reviews, Lady A., the Dodge, and Tini will post on whatever, randomly. It's different, but I think we should try it for a while. I think it will be good to have some organization.

Lastly, pass this blog on! Facebook us, email, post it on a website, tell your friends!! We need some vibrant interest and I swear on my honor to keep a tight schedule so there is new stuff often.

Thanks for your time!

Tony and co~

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