Thursday, July 1, 2010

Woodward Shakespeare Festival

Greetings again...I just thought of something I should post about again, so when you are finished reading this, you may go back and read the poem I just posted!

For those of you who live in Fresno...

The Woodward Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit company that puts on FREE Shakespeare at Woodward Park! This year, the plays they are performing are The Merchant of Venice and King Lear. I have seen The Merchant of Venice, and it was great! I have heard great things about King Lear coming up as well.

Woodward Shakes has always put on awesome plays. They are an amazing company. PLEASE go enjoy a night under the starts, watching Shakespeare's great works--they are FREE, after all!

Like everyone, they are having serious financial issues. On top of that, right before the opening of The Merchant of Venice, someone stole $3000 worth of cables. AHH!!! This means for the first week or two, the cast of Merchant could not have microphones or enough lighting. They did a great job with dealing with it, but they are in the process of fixing the problem with money they don't have.
It is up to YOU to give donations if you enjoyed the show and want more of them! Even if you cannot give money, if you show up, the more people they count in the audience, the more grants they get, which is good.

@ the 13 Acre area in Woodward Park.
Show starts at 8:00.
$5 to get into the park. (Well, the park isn't free, but the Shakespeare is!)

I have always been a fan of these peeps. This season is looking fantastic! I encourage all of you to get out there and enjoy it!



  1. The one thing Fresno can boast is warm summer nights! My hubby and I love to go to these. It's a great way to hang with people in the community and enjoy a little Shakespeare too!! BTW, I forgot the password for the email I was following with, so delete the Wolf DeAuna, I'm now using the Elephant DeAuna :)