Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Captains Courageous

Greetings, followers!

I have just finished reading Rudyard Kipling's novel, Captains Courageous. Having never read a book by Kipling before, I had almost no idea what to expect. I had been meaning to get into his books for a long time, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

Captains Courageous tells the story of Harvey Cheyne, a spoiled rich kid who falls off the side of an ocean liner and gets picked up by a bunch of fishermen, led by captain Disko Troop (coolest name ever.) Disko won't take him back to his parents, so he has to stay on the boat and learn to be a sailor.

I found Kipling's style to be very appealing. He's sort of a tough-guy writer, not unlike Mark Twain, but not nearly as funny. Much of the dialog in this book is in heavy dialect, which may be confusing to some people. You just have to pay close attention to know what's going on when the sailors are talking. I thought the plot was pretty exciting and the narritive pretty well-structured. Although I did enjoy this book, I get the sense that this isn't Kipling's best book by a long shot. That being said, it may be a good place to start if you aren't familiar with his work. After having read this, I'm excited to read some of his more well-known stuff, like Jungle Book.

3/5 Recommended.

Now, how about some questions for the comments...

1. Have you ever read a Kipling book before? What do you think of his style?
2. Is Disko Troop the coolest name ever or what?


  1. Thanks for the post! I don't have an answer for the first question because I have never read a Kipling book before.
    As for the second question, Disko Troop is not the coolest name I've ever heard, but it is hecka cool.
    Fare you well for now.

  2. The Jungle Book was an awesome book!!!!!!! You should read it. I wish my name was Disko then I could dance to my own name all the time:) I have seen the old movie of Captains Courageous. It was really good I cried.

    This is random but have any of you seen the short film Chicken a la Carte If you have not You should.

    Her Royal Highness A.

  3. I have read the Jungle Book. His style is a little strange but I enjoyed it for the most part. I liked Captains courageous alot, it was very exciting. Although, I thought it was better than Jungle Book. I have also read a childrens book by Rudyard Kipling called The Elephant's child. Disko Troop is an awsome name.

  4. Disko Troop is a great name.
    I have read both books,not the full versions
    but the illustrated classic ones.My favorite part is when they catch the dead man from the sea!Whose the wise guy on the screen with the ciggarete? Lord vader P.S. never Even heard of Chicken a le Carte.

  5. Hahaha!! It's not a cigarette. It's a pen! I like you, Darth Vader. Because when I first saw the photo I thought the exact same thing. Haha.

    It's nice to finally hear from you, Vader! I don't think you've commented ever before. Well, goodbye for now.

  6. Yeah, I love it when they pull up that dead body.

  7. What else did Kipling write other than The Jungle Book and Captain Courageous?

  8. I'll have to get back to you on that one, Caesar...

    Gee, why is Dewhurst so quiet?

  9. I believe that it is a cigarette with a long filter though it does look like a pen to a person who is only familiar with the cigarette's of modern days.

    Sir .A.A.

  10. I believe that cigarettes were not around when you were alive Sir A. :)

  11. I am alive and well, madame. Thank you for your kind concern. I have been terribly busy lately. You see, my dear sister Mariah was slighted by a cur of a fellow, (no names)and as my elder brother John is out of the country, I, as is my duty, challenged this rogue to a duel. I am delighted to say that he recieved everything that he deserved. He was fairly reprimanded, and I doubt that he will ever slight a lady of my aquaintance again.

  12. Oh I see. Big shot.

    Just kidding!! Hey - you gotta do what you gotta do.

    To A.A.---
    I thought it made sense that it would be a pen because the pictures on the side are all of authors.

    ~Lady Arwen

  13. yes dear lady, some things are entirely necessary. It was nice being able to do something honorable. You have no idea how difficult it is to live under the shadow of a perfect brother. John is a wonderful chap, but he always gets the glory.

  14. So that's where you were Dewhurst. I believe it is a pen in the picture, the tip looks like it would hold ink. Got to Go. If it is ok with you Tini, I will post tomorrow.

  15. Go ahead and post, Dodger. Also, I will confirm that it is a cigarette and not a pen. That is the only hint you get.

  16. Captains Courageous is the only Kipling book I've read other than his "Just So" stories. I really enjoyed it because it was different from most of the books I read, it had strong, interesting characters, and the narrative is interesting and well-written. Thankfully, I don't have any difficulty reading heavy accents.