Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hobbit

Hello All,

Let me first begin by apologizing for the serious delay in activity. I have some ideas to maybe enliven things a bit, but renovations are slow.

Now, in lieu of the fact that The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is being made in to a movie, supposedly coming out in 2012, I think it is probably a very good thing for everyone to read and re-read this tale, just in case the movie is nothing like the book. It will be such a shame if people think that the movie is the same as the book if it really isn't. Perhaps the movie will be exactly like the book, and all will be well. :) Who knows what will happen, but regardless, it is a good book to read, especially if you have read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and have always wanted to read "that first one that has something to do with the Lord of the Rings!"

If you have read (or seen- I highly recommend read) The Lord of the Rings, then you know how the story ends. The Hobbit follows the beginning of the tale, when Bilbo Baggins first comes in to possession of the ring. This book really is more of an adventure story than the Trilogy because it follows Bilbo as he travels through unknown lands with a band of dwarves, battles with a dragon, finds hidden treasure and becomes a legend in his own time.

If you have read The Lord of the Rings, then you are probably thinking, "Gosh, I don't have enough time to read The Hobbit- the Lord of the Rings took me three months!!" Don't be dismayed. The Hobbit is actually written in a much easier style than the Lord of the Rings, and the plot line is miraculously more simple. I read somewhere that Tolkien had actually written the Hobbit with the intention of children in mind, so, hopefully this book won't take you a few months to down. :D

I highly recommend reading this book because it is fun to know "the beginning" of the Lord of the Rings saga. It is totally not necessary to read it before the Trilogy, but is absolutely worth reading at some point in time. I don't like this book as much as the Trilogy, but it is still very well written and a good adventure story for a rainy day.

I also highly recommend the Lord of the Rings movies, which follow the books pretty well, surprisingly. (I have high hopes for the Hobbit too.) Don't get super super critical though because there are a few things that are wrong. I admit that I like them anyway. Some book lover I am. :)

Thanks for reading! And pass us on.... it feels like DC is dying.


Recommended 4/5


  1. OHH yeah. I've read this a few times. My brother has read it like 25 times. He reads it every time he doesn't have anything else to read.

  2. Richard Armitage is in the movie!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I am just in a bit of a R.A. craze right now, having just watched North and South.)
    ALSO: I started reading a Mark Twain book, but I got really busy and couldn't read the rest. Right now I am reading a book called, "The Color of Water" for school, and I will post on that when I finish.
    After that, I hope I'll have time to read North and South, because I am dying to!

  3. I have a feeling pretty much nobody checks this anymore.

  4. I do check this very often Lady Arwen. It is just I haven't read Coriolanus so I didn't have anything to say about your post. I have read the Hobbit twice and I love it for I am a big fan of all Tolkien's work. It is short and a lot easier to get through than some of his other books. I highly recommend reading the Silmarillion, too. It goes into the history of Middle-Earth, the great land Tolkien created. Also I am pretty sure it has an immense amount of theological allegory. I have even read some of the Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth. Tolkien is a genius. I am so excited about the Hobbit movie coming out. I cannot wait. And I also hope very much that they make it true to the book.
    ~ Rosie Cotton.

    P.S. - I shall try to make an effort to post some more on the blog.

  5. I meant "comment", not "post". Sorry.

  6. You saw North and South???? I love that movie, and my sister started reading the book. I'm sure I will eventually. :)

  7. Yeah, the movie is amazing, and I a watching it again right now! :) I also started the book last night.

  8. The Hobbit is an amazing book. The Silmarillion is also really, really, really, cool. It does take some dedication, though, as it can get a bit um tedious at certain points, but definitely a great read!
    Tolkien is pretty much awesome!
    North and South is a great book and also a great movie! I have to agree with that.
    So yeah, just my two cents! :)

  9. My favorite is the Silmarillion. I heart Yavanna! She makes the flowers bloom:) I have the privilege of taking a class at Fresno State on Tolkien, it's actually called Tolkien 193-T. It is offered only every 2 years. Before this class I didn't realize the true depth of Tolkien's genius!