Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bronze Bow

Hello All-

Sorry it's been so long! Today, I decided to post on "The Bronze Bow," by Elizabeth George Speare. I have read this book so many times it's crazy. I haven't actually read it recently, but I know this is a good book.

This book is set in first century Judaea. The lead character, a young man named Daniel Bar Jamin, lives at the same time as Jesus of Nazareth.

Daniel's father was crucified in front of him by the Roman occupiers (as his uncle did not have money to pay the tax) so even at the age of eight, he immediately hates and distrusts the Romans and vows that he will avenge his father's death. His mother dies of grief after her husband's death. Daniel's younger sister, Leah, is traumatized by these events, possessed by demons, and never leaves the house. The children are both taken in by their grandmother, but as she becomes ill and poor over the years, she sells Daniel to Amalek the blacksmith. Daniel escapes his cruel master, running away to the mountains where he meets Rosh, the leader of an outlaw band of rebels,who plan to someday overtake the Romans.

Several years after these events, he meets two old childhood friends: Joel bar Hezron and his twin sister Malthace, who climb the mountain for a holiday. Joel fiercely wants to join Rosh's band, so he promises Rosh that he will be a spy in Capernaum, the city to which he is moving.

One of Rosh's missions has Daniel capturing a slave. The crew names him Samson (a character in the Biblical book of Judges with immense strength and quite a temper) for his brute strength. Samson doesn't talk or understand anything, but he sees Daniel as his master and follows him. One day, Simon the Zealot, Daniel's friend from the village, comes to tell Daniel his grandmother is dying. He returns to his village of Ketzah and sees his grandmother. She passes on and Daniel is left in charge of Leah. Later, Simon tells Daniel he is going to follow Jesus and leaves Daniel in charge of his shop; Daniel and Leah move. At some point a Roman soldier younger than Daniel (a conquered German) befriends Leah after he sees her. Daniel eventually finds out, and goes into a fit of rage. Leah, who had seemed to be in the process of being cured, falls back into fully being possessed by her demons.

That was from Wikipedia- but I don't want to ruin the ending. I like this book so much, I think we should have a discussion on it. What does every one else think?

~Tony D.

5/5 Recommended


  1. I LOOOOOVE this book! I didn't think I'd like it, but it was amazing! My favorite character was Malthace (Thacia). I highly recommend this book, and yes, I would like to have a discussion on it. Only if other ppl have read it though.

  2. I totally want to have a discussion. Shall I post an advertisement about it?? T

  3. We can just see what ppl say on here. Unless you think we need to have a seprate post about it.

  4. I've always wanted to read this one. Your excerpt here is enough to pique my curiosity. Sorry to lose you as a follower btw, I just saw that this morning. Oh the day to day mundane lives of Californians, I'm afraid there's just too many of us to hold real interest to the more artistic blogger. I won't take it personal :)

  5. I'm sorry!! It wasn't personal, and I promise I will check back in occasionally. I decided I had rather not have my mother wondering what I was doing on a site with posts on vampires. :) :)Don't want to get grounded from computer or anything. :) :) :) DC would die without me. Hahahaha- I'm kidding.

  6. Totally get it! If your mom thinks that way then she's a good mom. I was raise Christian, still am and it's important to hold to those values. I cheat from time to time, but I don't recommend it. There is a shortage of moral people in the world especially among your age group. I'm still keeping you linked and will comment from time to time as I really enjoy your literary critiques and reviews!! :)

  7. I have heard tons about this book but have never really been interested. This post really made me wonder why I've never read it. I will definitely read in the near future if i can find time. I have a series recommendation for all of you sci-fi (spelling?) lovers its called The Missing series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. So far it only has two books with a third one on the way in august. I think she plans on having ten in the series total. Anyways they are great please read........... I'm so sorry for my atrocious spelling and grammar it is the weekend and its almost summer for me !!!!!!!
    H.R.H Anne