Saturday, November 28, 2009

Benjamin Franklin

By Steven Vincent Benet

Ben Franklin munched a loaf of bread,
While walking down the street,
And all the Philadelphia girls
Tee-heed to see him eat.
A country boy come up to town,
With eyes as big as saucers,
At the ladies in their furbelows,
The gempmun on their horses.

Ben Franklin wrote an almanac,
A smile upon his lip,
It told you when to plant your corn,
And how to cure the pip,
But he salted it and seasoned it,
With proverbs, sly and sage,
And the people read "Poor Richard,"
'Til Poor Richard was the rage.

Ben Franklin made a pretty kite,
And flew it in the air,
To call upon a thunder storm that happened to be there,
And all our humming dynamos and our electric light,
Go back to what Ben Franklin found
The Day he flew his kite.

Ben Franklin was the sort of man,
That people like to see,
For he was very clever, but as human as could be,
He had an eye for pretty girls,
A pallet for good wine,
And all the court of France were glad to ask him into dine.

But it didn't make him stuffy,
And he wasn't spoiled by fame,
But stayed Ben Franklin to the end,
As Yankee as his name.
"He wrenched their might from tyrants,
And its lightning from the sky,"
and oh, when he saw pretty girls he had a taking eye.

The End

I love this poem! It's really cute. Go Ben Franklin!


  1. That is a very cute poem indeed, Lady Arwen. It depicts Franklin well. I enjoyed reading it.
    When will the next post on a book be? Its seems like we haven't had one for a while.


  2. A very cute poem! I enjoyed reading it immensely! Thank you ever so much, Lady Arwen! I must say, my lady, that your choices in dresses are really quite beautiful!
    ~Lady Edith

  3. I am sorry that there hasn't been any book postings in quite a while. I will get the Dodge on the phone and hassle him a bit. Hopefully we will have a post soon. By the way, lovely poem, my dear. Thanks for filling in for the Dodge, I'm sure he appreciates it.

  4. Oh, Lady Edith, I am flattered. Thank you for the lovely compliment.
    I am sure Dodge has a good reason for delaying his post. No need to hassle, Dewhurst! Oh, you are just so cruel!

  5. No, my darling! It shall be gentle hasseling, I promise! Do not fear! For your sake I shall be lenient.

  6. Simply for my sake? That's ludicrous. You would be cruel unless I told you not to be?! Really, Lord Dewhurst, you just never say the right thing, do you?

  7. But since you intend on hassling him, do it already!

  8. He sure does have an unlucky habit of saying the wrong thing, doesn't he? I pity you Dewhurst.

  9. Don't bother. He just always has to have the glory. That's the only reason HE was going to step up and make Dodge post.

  10. Perhaps you wrong. I mean, Dodger has not posted yet.

  11. Who are the pictures on the right side of
    the screen of?

  12. The top one is Mark Twain, the middle is C.S. Lewis, but I don't know who the bottom one is of!

  13. what is going on between Arwen and Dewhurst ? I am confused

  14. I love her. Do you have a problem with that?

  15. Oh, the Dodge told me to skip him, so we should just move on. If you are ready Lady A., you may go. I can go if you aren't. Let me know, darling.

  16. oh i get it interesting does she love you ? :) no problem about being harsh 8)

  17. She hath told me she loves me. With that, I am satisfied.

  18. I spoke to Lady Arwen the other day. She will be posting soon.

  19. Man.... Darles Chickens is dead! I mean the blog, not the guy. I should take Patrick Henry's speech in the Virgina Convention and change the words to revive the spirit around this place. Hmmmmm....

  20. Give me blog posts, or give me death! I'm beginning to warm to the idea.

  21. no kiddng :) this time of waiting is getting on my nerves. Is is ok if I show this Blog to my english teacher??? I think she would be interested.

  22. I don't see why not. I'll ask the boss. I'm sure it will probably be ok though.

  23. OK, please skip me. I have been frightfully busy with shows and other stuff, and I won't be able to post until next week, so Dewhurst, just go ahead.

  24. um when is someone going to post ????????? I need entertainment