Monday, August 31, 2009

The Good Master

Hey People,

Well It's my turn to post again, this time I read The Good Master, by Kate Seredy. It is the story of a boy named Jancsi Nagy who lives on the Hungarian planes. His cousin Kate comes for a visit from Budapest. At first he is not quite sure what to think about his cousin, but they soon become friends and have many wild adventures together. Surprisingly I have only good things to say about this one. I loved it. I thought it was the perfect picture of happiness, love and friendship. It was very enjoyable to see the characters grow and change throughout the story. The book was given a Newberry Honor and I think it really deserves it. The Singing Tree is the Sequel to The Good Master and I can't waite to read it.


$ The Artful D. $

4/5 recommended


  1. I haven't read this, but one of my siblings has. She LOVED it. I hear another good one of Kate Seredy's is "Philomena."
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh yes, I have heard all nice things about this book too. It sounds delightful, Dodger. I love Hungary so much.

  3. Hmmmmm. I think I remember reading this for school a long time ago.

  4. I've never read this one. I did read the Singing Tree though. I remember liking it, but it didn't really make sense. I didn't know that it had a sequel then. Maybe if I read it again, after I read this one, it would make more sense.

  5. Oh yes, I am sure it would. Oh, I am frightfully bored right now. I believe I will go read some Shakespeare =) Good choice?

  6. I will comment tomorrow or the next day, FYI.
    Until then, fare you well.

  7. The Good Master is one of my favorite books. Kate and Jansci are so fun together! And I love Jansci's father. The characters are all so bright and individual it is refreshing.